Marty Gitlin has co-authored the most ambitious and enjoyable book about cartoons ever. The first to rank the greatest animated characters of all time features the intriguing stories behind their development, as well as fun trivia and colorful images.

     The book highlights characters from the 1920s to today, including those created by Warner Brothers, Disney, Hanna-Barbera and dozens of other studios. It details the criteria used to rank those embraced by cartoon lovers around the world. Each earned their place among the Top 100. Some have grown their legacy over nearly a century. Others have gained popularity since the turn of the new millennium.

     This will bring back wonderful memories of Saturday morning cartoon watching for Baby Boomers and beyond, as well as carefree times for younger fans on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Have fun with A Celebration of Animation: The 100 Greatest Cartoon Characters in Television History. All your favorites are here! 

Celebration of Animation: The Greatest Cartoon Characters in Television History


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